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Window Installation / Replacement Windows

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Not Your Everyday Window Installer

At Ver Wys Home Improvement, we are NOT your run-of-the-mill window installer.  Many window installation companies claim to be the best because they claim to offer the best window.  At Ver Wys, we choose to instead focus on the installation of the window.

Why you ask? It’s simple, even the best window in the world, when installed improperly, will cause heat loss and moisture seepage.  That’s why when we estimate a window installation job, we will not talk incessantly about the window and how it’s built.

High Quality, Servicable Windows 

Of course we install only high quality, serviceable windows.  We would never install a cheap window in your house; but over the years, we have dealt with too many people who have paid twice as much for a high quality window only to find that it was installed improperly, could not be serviced, or were unhappy with workmen who performed the window installation.

With Ver Wys, be assured that your windows will be expertly installed, properly waterproofed, and thoroughly insulated using non-expanding foam insulation around the new window, old jamb, and rough opening.

Your Window Installation Experts

Don’t be fooled by contractors who claim their windows are the best.  Anywhere in the Greater Grand Rapids or West Michigan area, please contact us today at (888) 595-5753 for a free estimate or to schedule a consultation to discuss your window installation or replacement window project with our experts.