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It’s important to us that we educate homeowners on the proper balance that exists between insulation and ventilation. Ventilation is made up of two parts: the intake vents and the exhaust vents. They work together. Adequate attic ventilation is needed to exhaust warm air that rises during Michigan’s cold winter months and to ventilate hot attic air that gets trapped in the summer months when the roof is just baking. Our experience knowing how insulation and ventilation tie together allows us to look at the big picture when it comes to your home. We are confident that we can identify the best way to ventilate your attic.

Ver Wys home improvement Installing Vents for attic ventilation

Ventilation in your attic is key!

When it comes to ventilation solutions, there are several options we use regularly. Without proper ventilation, you can have condensation problems that can lead to future mold issues.

Ventilated Soffit

Proper attic ventilation helps contribute to a more comfortable environment inside the house. As the roof heats up in the summer, it pushes hot air down from the attic space into your living spaces. In response, you turn up your AC increasing your energy bills.  Ventilated soffits offer a way to allow the hot air trapped in the attic to escape.

Ridge Vents

You can keep the air flowing where you need it most with ridge vents. In the winter moisture generated inside of the house rises into the attic where it can condense and create an environment conducive to mold growth. Mold spores produce allergens that affect air quality. Ridge vents provide a constant flow of air across the entire ridge of the roof.

Gable Vents

Gable end vents can help with attic ventilation and can be installed on either side of a gable roof to help cool your attic or roof. Gable vents bring both beauty and functionality to your home. Keeping your attic well ventilated helps to lower heating and cooling costs and keeps your attic healthy. Start exploring the beauty of Gable Vents and turn your ideas into a reality today!

Ducted Bathroom & Kitchen Fans

Attic ducts can affect ice dams. Uninsulated, leaky bathroom and kitchen fans often vent directly into the attic instead of outside. If your bathroom fan vents warm, moist air into your attic when you shower, your roof will warm and then cool. Ice dams can form due to the warm air. We ensure bathroom fans are insulated and ducted through the roof with a bathroom vent cap kit to prevent ice dams from forming in the attic. We are Grand Rapids’ most experienced experts in Ice Dams.