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Retrofit Insulation: Improving Energy Efficiency with Ver Wys Home Improvement

Many older homes were not designed with energy efficiency in mind. In fact, numerous homes have less insulation than originally specified by architects or builders. Retrofit insulation provides a solution to this issue, making it easier to improve your home’s energy efficiency, lower your energy bills, and increase comfort.

At Ver Wys Home Improvement, based in Grand Rapids, MI, we specialize in retrofit insulation, which involves enhancing the insulation of existing structures without the need to remove walls. Our process is minimally invasive: we unobtrusively drill small openings or plugs into your home’s structure and fill the cavities with blown or spray foam insulation. This method ensures that every crack and crevice is effectively sealed, enhancing the thermal efficiency of your home.

Retrofit insulation offers numerous benefits. Not only does it contribute to significant energy savings by reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling, but it also provides a more consistent indoor temperature, enhancing overall comfort. Additionally, improved insulation can reduce the environmental impact of your home by lowering its carbon footprint, and it can even increase the property value due to the enhanced energy efficiency.

We use two main types of retrofit insulation: blown-in insulation and spray foam insulation. Blown-in insulation involves filling wall cavities with loose particles, providing excellent coverage and efficiency. Spray foam insulation, on the other hand, expands to fill gaps and create an airtight seal, making it ideal for hard-to-reach areas. Both methods are chosen based on the specific needs and structure of your home.

Ver Wys home improvement retro fit insulation installation into the sidewall of a home
Retro fit insulation into the sidewall of a home

Benefits of Retrofit Insulation

The retrofit insulation process with Ver Wys Home Improvement begins with a thorough assessment of your home’s current insulation status. Our experts evaluate the existing insulation and identify areas that need improvement. Preparation steps ensure that your home is ready for the installation, which typically involves creating small openings to access the wall cavities. After filling these cavities with insulation material, the openings are sealed, and a comprehensive cleanup is performed to leave your home in pristine condition.

For homeowners interested in enhancing their home’s energy efficiency through retrofit insulation, contacting Ver Wys Home Improvement is the first step. We offer consultations and estimates, providing clear instructions and multiple contact options to facilitate easy communication.