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Energy Rebates & Audits

Get Money Back! We offer our customers the opportunity to receive up to 1/3 of their work costs back with our available rebates.

Home Energy Rebates

DTE Energy

Heating and cooling typically account for more than half of a home’s energy use, making them the largest energy expense for most households.

Many factors attribute to how much energy a home will use; however, in nearly all instances, inadequate insulation is the root cause.

We feel since rebates vary from utility companies, you should call and check out how you can gain from the offered rebates. We offer a whole house approach that rewards you for doing more work. This can actually be deducted as an instant rebate from your pricing to allow you to spend even more and receive more value added benefits from these installed measures. We are also proud to be trade allies with SEMCO and MGU.

VerWys Home Improvement can perform a whole home energy audit, identify areas for improvement, and implement the changes to make your home perform more efficiently. We can also help you apply for any home energy rebates that may exist, making the process seamless for you.

Home Energy Audits

In order to qualify for the full amount of the rebate, homeowners must complete a qualified home energy audit.  A home energy audit is the first step to determine how much energy your house uses and what improvements you should make to save money and energy.

Home energy audits can:

Customer Eligibility

The Your Energy Savings Weatherization rebate program serves residential customers in single and multi-family dwellings of four units or less who purchase and install qualified weatherization measures.

To participate in the program, certain eligibility requirements must be met:

To schedule a home energy audit, please contact Ver Wys Home Improvement at (888) 595-5753 or request a Home Energy Audit by clicking the button below. 

Reduce your heating and cooling costs!