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Home Energy Audit

Heat Loss Analysis

Improve Home Performance

At Ver Wys Home Improvement, our energy efficiency experts can perform a home energy audit on your home to determine exactly where heat is escaping so that home performance can be improved.

During our home performance analysis, our technician will install a blower door on your residence that will depressurize your home, allowing us the ability to measure and locate leaks.  

Blower Door Test

Also referred to as a blower door test, a leak and heat loss analysis can be performed on both new and existing homes and will reveal the amount of air that is passively transferred between the inside and outside of your home. The lower the number, the more airtight your home is therefore, the more energy efficient it is.

From our findings, we will make recommendations as to ways to improve the thermal envelope of your home and overall home performance. After all, we don't want that precious heat to escape your house.

More Information

For more information on home energy audits and how your home's performance is measured, you can review hepful guides provided by Consumers and DTE Energy below, or follow the links.

Schedule an Energy Audit

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