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What’s an Energy Analysis?

At Ver Wys, we all agree that every home is unique and has its own special needs. Our energy efficiency experts understand that your home operates as a system. Our crew will evaluate your home paying close attention to critical components. Next, we will discuss the options to address your home’s inefficiencies that make the most sense for your home’s needs.

We’re confident together we will achieve your home’s proper balance & address your specific needs so that home performance can be IMPROVED.

Ver Wys Home Improvement in grand rapids Michigan

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is certainly true when talking about heat loss. With infrared thermography, we can take a visual picture of your home, accurately gauge where heat loss occurs, detect thermal defects and leakage, and identify areas that need more insulation.

All materials on earth emit a heat signature in the infrared spectrum. Unfortunately, the human eye is unable to detect this. By utilizing an infrared camera, our technicians are provided with a real-time snapshot of the heat signature of your home.

Infared thermography is a non-invasive analysis that quickly allows our technicians to effectively see and measure the distribution of heat throughout your home’s thermal envelope.

Ver Wys thermal imaging in a grand rapids home
Ver Wys thermal imaging in a grand rapids home