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Home Energy Analysis / Audits

In order to determine how efficient your home is, we must first determine how it breathes. At Ver Wys Home Improvement, we use a variety of tests to determine how much energy your house uses and what improvements you should make in order to maximize your heating and cooling expenditures.

Many people don’t need the high tech tools that we can offer but every one of our customer's receives a ten point check on their house. It's our policy. After all, we don't want that precious heat escaping from your house.

Enery Audit Analysis

Energy Audit & Analysis

At Ver Wys Home Improvement, our energy efficiency experts can perform an energy audit and analysis on your home to determine exactly where heat is escaping your home. 

From our findings, we will make recommendations as to ways to improve the thermal envelope and overall performance of your home.  After all, we don’t want that precious heat to escape your house.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is certainly true when talking about heat loss.  With infrared thermography, we can take a visual picture of your home and accurately gauge where heat loss is occurring, detect thermal defects and leakage, and identify areas that need more insulation.

Seal your home's thermal envelope...

Heating & Cooling Check

Furnace & Air Conditioning Evaluation

Ever wonder why that one room is always warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter than the rest?

At Ver Wys Home Improvement, our heating and cooling evaluation will find out why. Our technicians will analyze and measure why your furnace doesn’t kick out the heat where it should, or why there is an air conditioning problem upstairs.

Custom Fan Covers

Custom Fan Covers

Many houses utilize a whole house fan to vent hot air during the warm summer months.

At Ver Wys Home Improvement, our custom fitted fan covers are constructed using 1” insulated Dow board and weatherstripping to ensure a tight seal. Ensuring your home stays cool and efficient.