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VerWys Energy Analysis

VerWys Energy Analysis

Your home is unique, and VerWys Home Improvement knows exactly how to assess your specific needs. We follow a general 10-point checklist to guide us when analyzing the energy efficiency of your home.

Each energy analysis is completely custom to your situation, but we follow a general 10-Point checklist to guide us when analyzing the energy efficiency of your home.

Energy Analysis Checklist

  1. Identify areas of heat loss
    • Recessed lights
    • Whole house fan
    • Bath fan
    • Range hood
    • Open chases around pipes
    • Caulking above windows or at base of wood
    • Access cover
  2. Basement rim joists under/not insulated
  3. Crawl Spaces under/not insulated
  4. Kneewalls in attic have never been updated
  5. Skylights with poor insulation around them, resulting in air loss
  6. Open stairway pits where ceiling doesn’t follow the other ceiling line in the house, thus creating a big void in the insulation. This is typically found in ranch houses.
  7. Open stairways to walk up attics, allowing air to freely enter the attic space
  8. Stairways leading to 1.5 story attics, requiring reinsulating of the walls
  9. Ventilation needs for soffit, baffles, and ridge or gable vents, as well as identify the need for power ventilation in hard to ventilate attics such as those with hip roofs.
  10. 1Condition of windows both upstairs and basement

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