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Custom Whole House Fan Covers

Whole House Fan Cover

The Cover Up™ - Fan Covers

Problem: Your whole house fan cover lets in cold air during the winter

Solution: The Cover Up™  Fan Cover

Many houses utilize a whole house fan to vent hot air during the warm summer months.  Every whole house fan available today has a dampered grill that opens when the fan is on and closes when the fan is off.

Works great for those of you in the warmer climates, but for those of us in the Northern Regions, cold air can seep through the vent during the cold winter months. 

Well, problem solved.  Contact us today and we will custom build a fitted cover that attaches to the bottom of your whole house fan’s grill using VELCRO.  No more having to climb into the attic to fit a cover OVER the fan unit to seal the cold air out during the winter.

Our custom fitted fan covers are constructed using 1” insulated Dow board and weatherstripping to ensure a tight seal.  Installed under the ceiling level, the white laminate cover and vinyl trim is inconspicuous and will not detract from the ceiling.

Want to Save Money on Your Winter Heating Bill?

Contact us today at (888) 595-5753 and ask how our custom fitted whole house fan covers can keep the cold air where it belongs, outside.