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Basement Insulation

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Why Install Basement Insulation?

As one of the main insulators of your home, the basement is often overlooked during the insulation process.  The basement acts to keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

Adding basement insulation increases the insulating properties of the basement, provides a large cost savings to the homeowner, and improves the energy efficiency of the home.

Pass the MUEC...Get Your Building Permit! 

As a builder or do-it-yourself home builder, the ECOCELL™ line of basement insulation products will give your home the energy performance needed to pass the Michigan Uniform Energy Code (MUEC).

Energy Code Compliant

Basement insulation is a key component in being energy code compliant.  With the recent revisions to the Michigan Uniform Energy Code (MUEC), proper basement insulation is imperative in passing the MUEC.

At Ver Wys Home Improvement, our cellulose basement insulation is MUEC compliant and provides high R-Values, superior thermal protection, and outstanding acoustic performance.

ECOCELL by CMS Basement Insulation

Easy to install and Class A Fire Rated, the ECOCELL™ by CMS product line features the industry’s first cellulose batts and blankets.  ECOCELL™ products not only replace, but acoustically and thermally outperform many fiberglass insulation products.

ECOCELL™ comes in many shapes and sizes depending on the specific application. Sizes range from 15" x 4' to 4' x 8' sections.


As the industry’s first batts and blankets made primarily from recycled cellulose fibers, ECOCELL™ basement insulation provides outstanding R-Value performance along with superior acoustic and noise dampening capabilities.

Manufactured for a snug fit, ecocell batts are easy to handle, require no special equipment to install, and are perfect for use in insulating basements, home theater rooms, mechanical rooms, kids playrooms, crawlspaces, unfinished rooms, and poured concrete and cement block rooms.

Rim Joist Insulation

It is typical for rim joists to be overlooked or forgotten due to their nature of being hard to see and reach. However, in most cases, this an area of basements that often play a major part in the energy efficiency of basements. Because this the location where parts of the floor above, walls, and floor joists all come together, it is common that there are cracks or open space where air can leak out or water can leak in. This problem can be avoided by adding the proper foam insulation to seal all cracks around the rim joists of your basement.

Your Basement Insulation Experts

Interested in insulating your basement? Whether finishing your basement or a new home construction, please contact us today at (888) 595-5753 for a free estimate or consultation and discuss your project with our basement insulation experts.