Attic Mold Prevention

Attic mold can grow unnoticed for years. When was the last time you took a peek?

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Attic Mold Prevention

An important thing to remember about attic mold is that if it’s visible, it needs to be remediated immediately. A quick look into the attic with a flashlight is often all you need to spot attic mold. Dark stains on lumber or insulation, fuzzy white spots, or bluish spots on attic surfaces can all be signs of attic mold growth. If you see these signs, it is crucial to call our team right away so we can verify if it is indeed attic mold.

Attic mold is caused by abnormal moisture. Addressing the source of moisture is key to preventing future attic mold. We take a comprehensive approach by examining your entire house and performing an energy analysis. This helps us determine if the attic mold is caused by poor roof ventilation, lack of insulation, or a combination of other factors. We educate you on our findings and provide options tailored to your specific needs. Every home is different, and so are its solutions.

Our goal is to ensure your home remains safe and mold-free. By understanding the underlying issues and addressing them effectively, we help you maintain a healthier living environment. Trust Ver Wys Home Improvement to safeguard your home with our expert attic mold prevention and remediation services.


Moisture, mold and ventilation in your attic and how summer conditions after it
Attic Mold in the Attic

Signs of Mold

The easiest way to know there’s a mold problem in your attic is the telltale presence of dark spots on the wooden beams. In this case, the mold poses a serious safety hazard to you and your home and should be immediately removed.

If you’ve ever gone into your attic and noticed it feels hot and stuffy, you have a ventilation problem. Little to no airflow causes humidity buildup in the attic, promoting attic mold growth.

Exhaust vents, (like those in your bathroom) that are broken or don’t vent outside your roof are another cause for mold growth.

Dripping water or wet blotches on your ceiling indicate that your attic is harboring mold. In the wintertime, you will likely see icicles forming on the underside of your roof.

Your nose knows best! Trust your senses. It’s time to call the professionals if you detect a moldy smell in your attic.