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REScheck Energy analysis

REScheck Energy Analysis

Comply with the IECC and MUEC

To comply with the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the Michigan Uniform Energy Code (MUCE), all new residential constructions must be assessed to determine energy code compliance. 

Quick & Easy

The REScheck™ Residential Compliance system makes the compliance process a breeze.  Using only your project’s blueprints, our energy code experts will determine the compliance requirements for your residential construction project.

Utilizing either the trade-off or prescriptive approach, we will determine the window and insulation packages needed for your building plans to comply with code.

Schedule a REScheck Energy Analysis

If your project needs assessment to comply with either the IECC or MUEC, please contact our energy code experts at (616) 361-1204 and schedule a REScheck™ Energy Analysis.